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Registration Number: 6123-RS/300
Registered on 16th October 2012
Established: 2011

Lamstan is an organisation of young people, who share the same passion for assisting their fellow students from remotest part of world. Students of different grades are offered assistance to pursue their dreams in life.

Various students from Ladakh, due to incompetent facilities/opportunities in their own native area, find the necessity for moving to other cities to further their studies/career. Pursuing studies or hunting jobs in other cities opens a whole new can of worms. In their crusade, students often get trapped into dilemmas, such as, which college to study, which course to opt for, will engineering do the best for them or should they opt for commerce courses, and the list goes on for eternity. In all these chaos, many students end up studying in wrong colleges/schools, or leaving the idea altogether and returning back to their respective homes.

Lamstan operates in remote areas and provide guidance to students regarding their career goals and provide a very exclusive opportunity to seek advice from experienced professionals. Our programs, services and initiatives, help young aspirants to realize their potential, empower parents and teachers to broaden their mind towards unlimited career scopes in the world. Our training approach includes a mix of lectures, workshops, role play, site visits and social activities. Our aim is to bring up those who are outside the sphere of modern education system and career opportunities . lamstan as a society wants to remotest parts of Ladakh and give them opportunity to come to the forefront. Lamstan would be a platform which will play a level playing role for such students. We, at Lamstan, thereby come to rescue by being the lighthouse for the ships of the students. We promise to move heaven and earth to put the student at the right place they actually deserve. We not only refer them to best schools and colleges which fit their financial & other constraints. We also acquaint them to various govt. scholarships/sponsorships for students.

Our mentors, personally/through the site, counsel the students to help them identify their perfect career prospects. Apart from this we conduct regular seminars in govt. and private school in Ladakh. Providing
them with an opportunity to those students who are pursuing or done with their engineering, MBBS, Law, BBA etc.

Education and career planning are intertwined concerns and have larger societal implications, especially in an opportunity-starved nation like ours. Asymmetrical flow of information exaggerates this problem further.”Lamstan” attempts to bridge this opportunity divide. Abstracting and digesting information from diverse sources across the world, we take pride in providing actionable knowledge at appropriate juncture throughout the formative period of one's career.


The idea for designing this website is of Mr.Tondup Wangail, BE Civil Engineering student & Mrs. Kunzes Dolma, BE Information Technology, Delhi College Of Engineering. They implemented this idea through their friendShankul Prasad, BE Civil Engineering student, Delhi College Of Engineering.-(Website Designer). Later many volunteers in different engineering, medical, commerce, humanities etc. joined hands marching lamstan together towards building a united, culturally rich, responsible, dedicated professionals and leaders.

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