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On 26th August 1966, five sisters arrived in Yol (Srs. Giovanni, Vincentia, Susan, Nirmala and Justina). In November 1966 the community was officially established with Sr. Corneliave as its first superior and Srs. Vincentia, Susan, Silvia, and Lucia as founding members.

By January 1967 the Primary Garrison School with 150 students was completely taken over by the sisters and it was rechristened “Sacred Heart Garrison School”. It was a co-educational school with the arrival of 4th Mountain Division of the army under the commands of Major General Rai, the number of students increased, the bungalows could not accommodate them. So we had to look for the land and built many more classrooms. After a lot of searching we found a new location between Dharamsala and Yol, in Sidhpur. Though very rocky land, it gave a picturesque sight of the natural beauty of the snow covered foot hills of the Dauladhar Ranges. The new school building consisted of 8 class rooms and all the facilities for the boarding school. The classes started in Sidhpur in 1969. The convent in Sidhpur was built later.

The first prize distribution function was held at the school in Yol on December 5th 1969. Shri Choudhary Hari Ram, the then Transport minister of Himachal Pradesh was our honourable Chief Guest. In March 1970, the late Dr. Y.S. Parmar, the then Chief minister of H.P. formally inaugurated Sacred Heart High School, Sidhpur with classes Primary to I.S.C (+2).

From then on school grew rapidly. The local population increased steadily and there was demand for more admissions, therefore the boarding house had t be closed down in 1985.

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This School was started by Mrs. Pritpal Singh in the year 1979. After having worked in Bishop Cotton School for 13 years and heading the Junior Section there. She left in 1977 and 1978 she got started with Shimla Public School and worked single handedly for so many years. It was because of her long hours of work and extreme dedication that she suffered from a stroke in 1993 which resulted in her Right Side getting completely paralysed and her speech went away completely. Again because of her determination and the will to be well again, she worked very hard with her therapists and, today, is the guiding factor for all of us at S.P.S.

Shimla Public School was a Nursery School in the first years. As the years passed by and the reputation of the School became known to all people, the pressure from the parents increased and a new class was added each year. In 1986 the School got its Affilation to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination, New Delhi. The first batch of I.C.S.E was in the year 1990.

S.P.S has a Hostel too, which was started with the persuasion of one parent who left tow of his kids as he was unable to stay in Shimla and did not want his children to leave the School. The Hostel grew over the years and today there are 115 students in Hostel. 60 of these Hostelers are from all parts of the Country and 55 are from abroad.

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