Lamstan Ladakh

Event Sponsorship

We would like to invite (your company) in sponsoring us, a non-profit (TYPE OF COMPANY) agency for bilingual youth at risk. Lamstan’s individualized support program focuses on life skills, career planning, employment placements and continuous follow-ups with students and professionals. Our goal is to help our students with barriers to gain and maintain their career.

Your generous in kind donations would be highlighted by having (your Company)’s name and logo placed on Lamstan’s website and on our pamphlets. The purpose of the sponsorship is to get the proper equipment to maintain our level of efficiency with our students.

Lamstan’s demand for:

1) posters
2) T-shirts
3) Transportation to remote areas of ladakh for career counselling
4) Annual cost of website
5) Arrangement of seminars on summer vocation etc. is growing every year.


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