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Lamstan is a cause- driven organization that is for youth development in terms of career,personality, morality and social responsibility. Our objective is to provide youth with a secular and unbiased platform where they can be nurtured into morally educated gentlemen . Lamstan operates in remote areas and provide guidance to students regarding their career goals and provide a very exclusive opportunity to seek advice from experienced professionals. Our programs, services and initiatives, help young aspirants to realize their potential, empower parents and teachers to broaden their mind towards unlimited career scopes in the world. Our training approach includes a mix of lectures, workshops, role play, site visits and social activities. Our aim is to bring up those who are outside the sphere of modern education system and career opportunities . lamstan as a society wants to remotest parts of Ladakh and give them opportunity to come to the forefront. Lamstan would be a platform which will play a level playing role for such students. We would serve as bridge between urban education and rural education, thereby, providing a flow of learning to poor rural children from urban advanced education system. We also connect whole ladakh to advanced cities like Delhi, Bangalore, etc to gain, learn and explore new scopes. We also look forward to give shared understanding of knowledge. We believe in uniform development all around world.


The basic structure of is that this website will be forming a network of school, college students and professionals , who are not able to communicate and share their experience to other students and help them in their respective fields.Lamstan is a secular and social organisation which is operating in remote areas. We believe in providing guidance to every one ,irrespective of their faith, religion, caste and creed. Bridging the gap between traditional education and modern education to curb social evils and to cultivate a culture of helping and guiding beyond boundaries.Lamstan is a platform for those with true zeal of guiding, mentoring and sharing knowledge and feelings. A thought might have come in everybody’s mind to approach helpfull people , But the problem was a link to connect you to these people. Now Lamstan will serve as a bridge between you and these people, together shaping your dreams into reality. Basically through this website we will be creating a chain of dependence : E.g. Student in school will be guided by college student College students will be guided by those in professional line.

This website will be providing necessary details about various Schools in Delhi, Chandigarh, Jammu, etc. Along with that it will be providing necessary updates regarding various Engineering, Medical, Law etc.

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