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HIM ACADEMY Public School Hamirpur has grown rapidly since its inception in 1998. It has since then made tremendous progress in achieving excellence in different fields —academic and non-academic. This height could not have been achieved without the team of dedicated and devoted staff who is committed to the service. The inscription on its emblem intensifies our faith in God and guides us to strive for excellence in education through Active Learning. I am of the view that education cleanses ignorance and spreads light of knowledge and wisdom.

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Indus World School (IWS) is envisioned as a chain of professionally managed schools that understand the demands of a 21st century education and brings to school education the expertise of its parent entity; CL Educate (formerly Career Launcher).

CL Educate is a much admired education brand having the experience of handling over 700,000 students over 16 years. Currently, Indus today is a national chain of over 18 schools with presence in cities such as Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Indore, Mandi, Raipur, Aurangabad and Ahmednagar.

HDFC, one of the most prestigious companies in the corporate sector, is an investor in the Indus World School chain

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The Lawrence School - Sanawar, established in 1847, situated at a height of 1750 metres and spread over an area of 139 acres, heavily forested with pine, deodar and other conifer trees, is the fruit of the vision of Sir Henry Lawrence, and his wife Honoria.

Sanawar is a co-educational boarding school, affiliated to CBSE and has students of varying backgrounds from different parts of the sub-continent. It provides an environment that encourages a questioning mind and gives students many avenues for expressing their creativity and building their skills.

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The Indo-Pak war of 1965 had a lot to do with the administrative set up the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary in India. The then Provincial mother Declan was contemplating on opening new avenues for apostolic activities. At that time some military officials contacted mother Declan, asking for sisters to take over the Garrison school, a small primary school at Yol military camp in Himachal Pradesh.

A military bungalow was given to the sisters as residence and several similar bungalows near by mere to be used for the school, which was then run by an elderly lady

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