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When you start writing at lamstan, you become a part of some of the best ever and the most productive “editor–author” and “author–author” relationships. We impart into our authors a vision—a belief that their writing has the potential to bring about change. The lamstan’s website is the virtual space where student writers interact and write together, selflessly giving shape to each other’s ideas and enjoying each other’s successes. The selflessness comes from lamstan’s team culture which is about producing the best content—content meant to create impact, not to exhibit literary genius. Lamstan welcomes original contributions from people willing to get published on this website.

Why Lamstan:

(1) opportunity to learn and interact with a professional yet informal team environment made       up of students
(2) the opportunity to express, reach an audience and discuss
(3) using a totally different and attractive genre of writing to express
(4) work online without having to go anywhere; the best thing for armchair activists who want       to sit home!

How to Get Published:

All you need to do for now is to fill up the form below. We will get back in touch with you.

What You Need:

With Opinion, Passion to Bring Change, Observation. Understanding of What the Ladakhi Youth Can Relate To.


We are a student-based initiative with meagre earnings, and hence, we do not have any monetary incentives yet. But does it really matter, if you’re young and raring to learn and reach people?


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