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Education The Role and Duties of Parents

( Tammana Salethia, Computer Engineering)

It is no hidden fact that education, like charity, begins at home. And this is so because the Zeal, the Curiosity and the Thirst for learning has to be developed in a child before his education actually begins. This is where the role of parents kicks in. A parent is, more often than not, the first idol that a child looks upto and it can be a little intimidating to stand upto the expectations. However, with the right planning and execution, parents can play a constructive role in their child's education.

Importance of Education: The first and foremost duty of a parent is to ensure that their child gets education. You may send him/her to a school or you may home-school him/her, but to be educated is a child's right and you cannot deny him that. In fact, we should keep our eyes open to notice any child who is bereft of his right and talk to his parents about the importance of education. Once the parents realize that education is fuel for their child's development, the child can be assured of a stable base for his education, and then begins his journey to the world of knowledge and learning.

Active Participation of Parents:Waking up your kids in the morning, packing them lunch and shooing them away to school is not your contribution to their education. You need to be actively involved with activities that your child takes on and guide him/her. Being interested in your child's homework and helping with it infuses that eagerness in your child and he/she will look forward to it. Some quality time together is an added benefit. Keeping a track of events at school and encouraging your child to participate in extracurricular activities is part of your duties. This way, any irregularities in his growth and learning will come to your notice right away. And if you are not the "academic" type or are not literate, making time-table for your child and ensuring that he sticks to it can be your way of being involved in his education.

Stress on EduTainment: EDUcation+enterTAINMENT=EDUTAINMENT. Parents have a very interesting technique at their disposal, which is generally followed at schools. To a child, spoken words do not matter as much as does experience. So, parents can use some interesting games or role-playing or even movies to get the point across. If your child wants to learn about animals, you can buy them a picture book, or in case of edutainment, you can take them to the zoo, and/or play a game where you have to identify an animal by its sound. It will ignite their minds and their hunger for knowledge will grow. Presenting old lessons in a new way is the key to grasp their attention.


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