Lamstan Ladakh

Status Of Education In Ladakh

(Kunzes Angmo, Women’s IP)

Ladakh being situated in the land-locked Himalayas with a rough terrain and harsh climate had remained isolated for a long epoch. Despite sharing the rich Tibetan culture and an unorthodox religion like Buddhism, it had remained very backward till the eighties, which was the period when foreign tourists started getting attracted to the un adulterated natural beauty of this semi-arid desert. Another reason why Ladakh started getting attention was because of its geo-strategic importance with Pakistan and China on either side.

Modern English education also got a boost with the afore mentioned developments but the growth had been at a snail’s pace with very limited coverage. Though it is understandable that an educating an entire mass is gradual process and cannot be achieved in a fortnight, the process itself in the form of poor infrastructure. The lack of good teachers and a step- motherly treatment meted-out towards the government schools in the villages.

We have to acknowledge the fact that even under such poor conditions, some pupils had succeeded, defying all the odds. But when we talk about education we expect it to be an all-emcompassing program, lifting the veil of ignorance for the whole society. The nineties had produced many private schools with English as the medium of instruction and this was the period when the passing rate increased tremendously. At the present moment, the private schools are imparting quality education with the inclusion of extra-curricular activities like debates, quizzes, games,, paining etc. but owing to lack of vacancies the majority of children from the far flung villages are not able to take advantage of these facilities. Even if they admission they have to face other problems like lodging because very few schools provide hostel facilities.


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