Lamstan Ladakh

What is Delhi ST?

(Tsewang Gyaltson , DCE, Electrical Engineering)

I hope every ladakhi student knows that we have the luxury of schedule tribe reservation in various fields of education. I feel it is very important for every student to know that this reservation is a convenience we enjoy due to various hard works by our elders especially Ladakh Buddhist association .With this reservation, all ladakhi students stands a very good and equal chance to go for further studies in their respected interested fields of education and can compete with other student across the country.

However recently we are facing various problems in this matter ,so I will lighten you all a little about it. First of all I would like share an experience of mine which would help you to understand it better.

In 2009, various ladakhi students of Delhi cleared entrance exams of engineering and medical. Now only the counseling or what we say, only the admission was left ,So everyone of them were waiting for it .But somehow that did not happen, as Govt. of Delhi suddenly played a strange game and admissions for ST students were frequently postponed and eventually cancelled. Then with the help of respected Mr samphel a member of ST commission at that time, Mr Rigzin Jora (Minister),Mr Tonyod , president of ladakh student association at that time and Mr Jigmet ,a case was filed in high court.

Our case was fought by a very respectful lawyer Mrs. Lata Krishnamurti under the guidance of Mr Ram Jetmalani . She was helped by three other very hard working lawyers.

Even after so much hard works from all of them, our case lead to nothing in High court. So we filed our case in supreme court. And after under going further disappointments lot more hard work ,the case was won at last and the students got admission in their respective colleges.


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