Lamstan Ladakh

Status Of Education In Ladakh

The above problem could be one reason of sending the children to big cities for acquiring education. But majorly the reason for students to go away from home is due to the social structure or the lost faith in the education system of Ladakh. The sense of competition or in following the trend of sending children to big cities for whatever justifiable reasons the families set force them to send their children for higher education with great expectation of returning with a high package job. But in the process the huge expenditure can bend the backs of families. Although some wealthy families can send their children to the best schools in India without much burden on their purses, the majority of the families are compelled to replicate this tradition or they face the danger of lagging behind by a generation. On top of that, to the utter dismay of these families there is no absolute guarantee of job security because of the limited availability of vacancies followed by the biased selection procedure in the available posts.

Even if we accept corruption as an incurable disease, its percolation in the education sector is the most undesirable things because it affects the future prospects of the children. There’s no denying the fact that nepotism and red tapism plays a big role in the selection of teachers. It’s like passing the shepherds baton to a butcher because the consequences become very clear at the point of inception.

Another big reason that contribute to the huge migration of students out of Ladakh is the overall poor education standard of ladakh. In today’s world of cut throat competition, we have to match with the global standards because competition transcends all boundaries. Very few schools in ladakh (private schools) can boast of having libraries with plethora of books, good laboratories, reading halls with latest magazines and newspapers and many other amenities that we must have to build the right foundation. The tuition fees of these schools are soaring up with addition of different uniforms for particular days in a week but the most important matters are not taken care of. In addition to this, the school authorities are admitting more and more students with very slight adjustment in facilities. The result is crystal clear before our naked eyes because a class which used to consist of 30 students a decade ago now incorporates 70-80 students.

So the earliest we realise this intrinsic problem, the easier it will be to avoid the dire strait. There is an urgent need to give a boost to give up gradation of govt schools and only the authorities can do that. The authority lies with the leaders chosen by us. So the general public has a big role to play in this quest. They should also make the right demands and elect a leader who can fulfil these demands.

More funds must be allocated for the up gradation of the govt schools of those concerned villages.


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